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Leather Strap Breitling 24mm Models
Watch Strap
(Suitable for Breitling watches)
Material: Leather
Fits Widths: 24mm
Length: 24
Price: 29.99



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I am delighted to present this exquisite leather watch strap made with Breitling models firmly in mind. Luxurious, strong and rugged - these are the three qualities which make this the perfect Breitling (luxury watch) exquisite accessory. The thick leather and the striking white stitching give the watch strap its unmistakable design. It is simply superb quality and will make a great replacement or supplement to your current watch strap. Deployant end length 78 mm (without deployant). Other length measures 123mm The deployant buckle used gives a nicer, more finished appearance than the traditional tang-type buckle on most straps This will give your Breitling or 18mm 20mm 22mm 24mm luxury watch etc. etc. a beautiful new facelift and gives you a welcome change. This strap features genuine Italian calf leather of the highest quality - thick, substantial and strong - please do not confuse with mass produced factory straps that lack the distinct looks and sheer quality of this band. The superb quality leather is abrasion resistant and will wear extremely well due its provenance / quality. The stitching is not only visually striking but strong, refined and durable - quality that will last and retain its looks. It has two loops, one of which is fixed and one you can move to where ever you wish for comfort and control. The buckle is brushed 316L stainless steel (it will not oxidise or corrode with age).
24mm fits: Bentley 6.75, Bentley Motors, Bentley Motors T, Navitimer World, & Super Avenger 22mm fits: Aerospace Avantage, Airwolf, B1, B2, Bentley GT, Bentley GT Racing, Blackbird, Chrono Avenger, Chrono Avenger M1, Chronomat Evolution, Navitim






Band Width: